aba group tour at camforge 3-3-04

Members of the Appalachian Blacksmiths Association were treated to a tour of the Camforge, Inc. plant at Cameron, WV on March 3rd, 2004.  The company makes large hooks for cranes and industrial applications.  On the day of our tour, the crew started with a billet weighing 250# and forged it into a hook that would accept a 5" diameter link.  The overall height of the hook is about 24" and it's rated capacity is well over 10 tons.

The coordination between the forger, lift operator, and hammer operator is quite remarkable and very synchronized.  The three men worked together as one!  The crew at Camforge has been turning out high quality products for decades.  Forgings and heat treating are their specialties.

We extend our thanks to the Camforge company and its great crew.  This was a great field trip for our association.

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forging hook with 6000# chambersburg power hammer

A forklift with hydraulic grab tongs handles the billet which was heated in a gas forge to about 2200 degrees F.

bending hook

The Chambersburg 6000# power hammer has drawn a point on one end and the crew starts to bend the hook.

forged hook reheated

The hook is almost bent.  It has been re-heated to about 2200 deg. F. in the gas forge.

forged crane hook

This is what the forged hook looks like prior to finishing.  The crew will leave the forged hook at rest for a period of time to relieve stress.

finished hook

After a trip to the machine shop for sizing, grinding, and polishing, the hook is ready to ship to the customer.


Camforge photos

forging taper to make crane hook--camforge

Camforge crew begins tapering stock to make crane hook.  This is the same basic principle used in making any hook--draw and taper.

forklift with hydraulic tongs removes shaped hook from power hammer

Forklift with hydraulic tongs removes forged hook from power hammer.

bending hook

The process of bending the hook.

hook being closed

Bending hook complete.  Notice the round bar being held inside the curve to guarantee correct opening.

camforge crew with partially completed hooks

Some partially complete hooks.  Shank will be machined and threaded on metal lathe.



Camforge Inc. in Cameron, WV forges large crane hooks (up to 100 ton cap.) and is recruiting blacksmiths or metalsmiths for its operations.

Contact Mr. Vernon Moore at (800) 805-0967 for further information.


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