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James Rumsey: Blacksmith-Inventor, by David G. Allen for the Appalachian Blacksmiths Association © 2008




James Rumsey is believed by many to be the inventor of the steamboat.  Is he?

The history books you read in school long ago gave the title of "Inventor of the Steamboat" to Robert Fulton.  After reading about Mr. Rumsey's accomplishments, you may want to ask if the history books got it right.



Articles from the March 2008 ABA Newsletter:

Introduction  --  Making Steam Power Work

James Rumsey, A brief biography

The first steamboat

Bibliography and Sources



New--December 6, 2008

James Rumsey--American Inventor

A biography of James Rumsey in PDF format; 40 pages with detailed footnotes.

james rumsey--oil portrait by benjamin west

James Rumsey was the “most original and the greatest mechanical genius I have ever seen.”

—Thomas Jefferson






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