Step-by-Step: Making an "S" Hook

Blacksmith: Robert Elliott

Photos by Brenda Ross

s hook step 2

Bob uses tongs to hold the stock and a 2# hammer to strike.  Here he has moved the stock to the anvil face to square, taper and then, draw out the section that will become the radius of the hook's cradle and rounded tip.

Heat the stock to a red-orange color.  If not this hot, you are working the metal too cold.

As before, Bob use 90 degree turns to rotate the stock.  The hammer face squares one side while the anvil surface squares the opposite.

During this step, he is determining the final length of the hook.  Although he started with a 3" long section of metal, the tapering and drawing-out process will add length to the work because the section modulus decreases.

It is important to not let your workpiece get too thin or your finished hook will not have much functionality or "personality". 

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