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Organized in 1978, the Appalachian Blacksmiths Association is an affiliate of ABANA. We represent blacksmiths, bladesmiths, and farriers in West Virginia and its surrounding states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, and Kentucky. 

We publish a quarterly newsletter which keeps our membership up to date on events. The newsletter also features many metalworking tips.  

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Appalachian Blacksmiths Association


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If you are a blacksmith, metalsmith, or tinsmith, consider volunteering your time to teach the Metalsmith merit badge program for your local Boy Scout Troop.


If you are a Scout, consider this merit badge.  You will learn an interesting craft and much about history.

we, too, have a job to do.  norman rockwell painting

"We, too, have a job to do."
Painting by Norman Rockwell


Do you want to volunteer?

There are over 300 Scout Councils around the country. To locate the Council (and Troops) in your area, go to the Scouting website ( ) and use the search feature.  All you'll need to do is enter your zip code. (See also chart below for WV Area Scout Councils.)  Your local telephone directory may also have information.

Information about the Metalsmith Merit Badge.

ABANA has posted the Metalsmith merit badge requirements at it's website.

 Also, order Booklet #33312B as it is has the most recent metalsmith merit badge information.

Are you a Scout or Troop leader wanting to locate a blacksmith?

Contact us and we'll try our best to locate a smith or facility to help you out. (Please, WV and border areas only.)

Please check our "Places We Go" web page as it has information on blacksmith forges around the state.

Are you a Scout needing ideas for projects?

Techniques and Projects

TO ALL BOY SCOUTS: You will find a good deal of information about blacksmithing just by reading through the Education section of this website. However, if there's a topic that has you baffled, please feel free to contact us.  If we don't have your answers, we'll try to locate a source that does.

Regional BSA Councils in and around ABA membership area

check your local telephone book also

Wheeling 304-277-2660
Fairmont 304-366-3940
Parkersburg 304-422-4507
Charleston 304-340-3663
Huntington 304-523-3408
Cumberland, MD 301-729-1300
Canton, OH 330-580-4272
Pittsburgh, PA 412-471-2927
Waynesboro, VA 540-943-6675
Winchester, VA 540-662-2551



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