Build your own power hammer

       This is "RUSTY" the Appalachian Power Hammer. It was built on July 11, 1998 from used parts (we did use a new leaf spring and bearings, though). As for the rest of it, some 20 members of the Appalachian Blacksmiths Association dug through their shops for all of the steel, electrical parts, and odds & ends needed to build it. (The 1/2 hp motor came from a Maytag washing machine.) And that was the idea--build a 15# power hammer for under $100.00.

To save on steel, we used bolted timbers for the base. If you want to raise or lower your hammer, it's a lot easier to add or subtract wood than re-weld the entire frame. Since we raffled this hammer, we did purchase new steel leaf springs. But those from an old car will do. Or make your own--you're a blacksmith! We used an old Maytag washing machine motor to power Rusty so don't think you have to spend $200 on a new motor. And while the hammer head weighs just 15#, Rusty hits harder than any factory built 25# hammer.

RUSTY has been a success internationally! Blacksmiths from North America, Africa, Australia/New Zealand, and Europe have ordered plans and built their own version of RUSTY. Order yours today.

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NOTICE:  The Appalachian Blacksmiths Association does not design or build power hammers for sale.  The ABA has built a Rusty and a Dusty power hammer based generally on these plans, and then raffled both power hammers as fundraisers. 
     The plans for Rusty, Dusty, and Super Rusty are owned by, designed by, and sold by Jerry Allen of The Wizard's Forge and are presented here as a pubic service by the ABA for blacksmiths looking for an inexpensive alternative to commercial power hammers.  As with any such project, you could be injured when building the machine or using it after it is completed.