Updated October 5, 2008

the right and honourable association of rusty's


After you have built an Appalachian Power Hammer, 

You are pleasantly invited to become a member of

The Right & Honourable Association of Rustys

There are no fees nor any dues.
 Nor are there any benefits.
 But you may post a photo of your power hammer
in this,

The Worldwide Gallery of Fame

Zachary Grubb  West Virginia William Harris  Florida Mark Grubb  West Virginia
Jerry Allen  West Virginia John Martin  Oklahoma Dan Brock  Oregon
Brian Puckey  Australia J. Claude Pregent  Canada Beppino Zandanel  Italy
Robert Seipp  Washington  Geoff Nelson South Africa George Angelakos  Australia
Terence Raw  Australia Gary Don Crawford  Oklahoma Dan Brazzell  Canada
Jordan Carlson   Idaho Norm Tucker   California  

Send a photo of your 'Rusty' and a bit about yourself to anvilwork@aol.com


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