Beppino Zandanel of Perarolo, Italy

beppino zandanel with his version of the rusty power hammer


From the Appalachian Mountains of the USA to the Dolomite Mountains of Italy

Beppino Zandanel lives in the small town of Perarolo, Italy which is located in northeast Italy and is nestled in the Dolomites.  He lowered the power hammer's profile so that he can work from the sitting position.  A blacksmith who can swivel and turn between the forge and power hammer can save a thousand footsteps in a workday!  It's an ideal setup.

Beppino already had most of the components he needed to build his version of "Rusty", and he estimated that he was out-of-pocket less than $150.00 (US).

Beppino's workmanship has taken the 'shop-built' power hammer to a new level!  Magnifico!

Appeared as the cover article in the June, 2006 issue of the ABA Newsletter



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beppino zandanel power hammer 2

postcard from perarolo italy

Beppino's Power Hammer Postcard from Perarolo, Italy


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