Brian Puckey of Australia


Brian Puckey, a blacksmith from Western Australia, built this power hammer from the Rusty plans.  
The power hammer was built with scrap steel; the motor cost $150.00 (AUD) and the anvil post cost $60.00 (AUD).
(Photo by Brian Puckey)

power hammer built by brian puckey, western australia


"RUSTY", the Appalachian Power Hammer in Western Australia

Hi there!

Brian Puckey here from western Australia.  I meant to send these photos a couple of years ago.

It's 32 degrees Celsius = 89.6 degree Fahrenheit here (February 2005)--too hot to light the forge so thought I'd find these photos and get them off to you.

It took me two days to make the hammer.  The only things I bought were the motor $150 (AUD) and the solid steel for the anvil $60 (AUD); I am not sure how much that is in US dollars.

I had to fiddle around with the pulley sizes as the motors here are 240 volt and run at slower revs.  The hardest part was making sure everything lined up exactly before welding. 

I straightened the springs by parking the tractor on top of them for an hour or so. 

The hammer has made blacksmithing much easier for me as I burned my right hand badly when I was young and only have about 20% function.  I had to give up driving a bulldozer 5 years ago and I've been trying to make a living from the forge since then.  I am getting there slowly and having a hell of a lot of fun.

Thanks to Jerry Allen and the Appalachian Blacksmiths for your help. 

Sincerely,  Brian Puckey

Appeared in the June, 2006 issue of the ABA Newsletter

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