J. Claude Pregent of Quebec, Canada


Knifemaker J. Claude Pregent of Ste-Martine, Quebec, Canada.

(Photo by J. Claude Pregent)

j claude pregent of quebec and his power hammer


"RUSTY", the Appalachian Power Hammer in Quebec, Canada

My name is J. Claude Pregent.  I'm from Ste-Martine, Quebec, Canada.  I'm a retired police sergeant and I've been retired since 1994.

I began forging blades as a hobby in 1997.  I make 10 to 12 knives a year, mostly in winter and spring.  During summer and fall I do metal detecting, gold prospecting, sheep herding and dog agility.

A knee injury in 2004 made it uncomfortable for me to use my treadle hammer so I sent for the plans for the Dusty.

It took me 2 months from start to finish and it was a lot of work but it was really worth it.  I did everything myself except the machining of the shaft.

The base is made with a 5/8 " steel plate; the frame is made of 4"x8" and 4"x10" tubing and the anvil is made from an 8" well drilling bit welded to an 8" heavy-wall tubing.  The tubing is filled with 3 semi-trailer axles welded together and the spaces filled with lead and sand.

The ram weight is 56 lbs with the die.  The motor is 3/4 H.P. GE.  The larger pulley is 16 1/2 " from an old compressor and the smaller pulley is 10 1/2 ".

EVERYTHING, except the V-belt and the nuts and bolts was collected from the scrap-yard.  The scrap-yard man didn't want to take any money so I gave him a hunting knife.

I did have to pay for the machining of the shaft for the channels and the keys to lock the pulleys which cost me $75.00.

I am amazed at the smoothness and the power of the hammer and how quiet it is compared to a Little Giant.

I had fun making it and now I own a very dependable and powerful hammer that is a pleasure to work with.  So far I have about 80 hours on it and everything is A-OK.

If you think it is good enough I would really like seeing it in The Right and Honourable 
Association of Rusty's.

Thanks for the idea.

Sincerely, J. Claude Pregent

power hammer dies and anvil by j claude pregent

Power hammer dies

Appeared in the June, 2006 issue of the ABA Newsletter

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