Dan Brock of Oregon, USA


Dan Brock, a bladesmith from Eugene, Oregon, built this 30# power hammer.  

He studied Rusty's design and several others before starting the project.  
(Photo by Dan Brock)

dan brock's power hammer


Oregon Bladesmith Builds His Own Power Hammer

I make knives in Eugene, OR and sell them on my website I built this hammer by just looking at your site. Sorry, I never bought plans!

The frame is the axle housing from a '56 Dodge Panel truck and the helve is three leaves from the same rig's springs. One of the rear axles comprise the main part of the ram. The guide was constructed from a defunct vise. The slide and the axle/ram were leaded together and an eye forged into the top. 

The anvil is an...anvil that sits on top of 170# of barbell weights. My original plan was to be able to move the anvil around to use the horn, etc., but it didn't work out. 

The whole thing is bolted down to a wood base plate made up of 4" x 8" Douglas fir which is in turn set in concrete--so I'd better be happy with where I put it. 

The ram weighs in at around 30#. The clutch setup is adapted from the North Carolina power hammer with a tire and wheel forming the crank plate and power being supplied by a 1 hp Baldor motor with a steel wheel that bears on the tire when I push on the treadle.

I looked at lots of pictures on the web and in the book "Pounding Out the Profits", and yours [Rusty] is the most accessible design out there (Palmer spring hammer, pat. 1873 unless I miss my guess). 

Anyway, thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

Sincerely, Dan Brock 

Editor's Note: It is not necessary to purchase Rusty plans to be a member of "The Right and Honourable Association of Rusty's".  It's only necessary to use your ingenuity and available scrap and parts to build a working power hammer.

Appeared in the September, 2005 issue of the ABA Newsletter

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