George Angelakos of Austrailia

Blacksmith George Angelakos of Australia

(Photos by George Angelakos)

85lb power hammer by george angelakos

85lb power hammer by george angelakos


"RUSTY", the Appalachian Power Hammer in Australia

My name is George Angelakos, “Blacksmith /Artisan” and founder of Artemis Wrought Iron in Australia. I recently finished the build of my 85lb Power hammer! Using plans ordered from Jerry Allen.

Based loosely on the dimensions of the “Rusty", "Super Rusty", and various others from the hall of fame, I came up with a twin  1.5 hp  Monster that really “scares” me !!!

In a fun way!

Frame consists of truck chassis rails welded together; same as the anvil which is very heavy and filled with lead.

A 1925 Little Giant hacksaw provided parts, including original shafts and pillow bearings, cast iron axle housings and name plates!

It has a 4340 forged steel ram measuring just over 2inch by 2inch with pressed high tensile spring rollers.

It has a cast iron pulley with the original "Little Giant” rpm hacksaw endplate.

This hammer is very loud, hits hard, and has amazing speed for its size.

It uses straightened 4wd Land Cruiser springs bolted inside hardened spring plates and a forged steel pivot shaft.

The Turnbuckle was not preferred in this application due to the weight of the ram.

This size power hammer took me two weeks to finish constructing, but nearly a year to gather the parts and make them all fit together.

There are some issues to address with this size hammer, like the noise factor, and favourite tool factor! 

Half inch solid cold round bar is like plasticine to this monster!

A 12lb sledge hammer donated its head for the hammer dies.    

The motors are geared differently to each other; one helps with initial torque start up, while the other gives it the speed! The harder you push, the faster and harder it hits!

It is unrelenting in its power and stops on a dime!

Thanks Jerry!     


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