Norm Tucker of California, USA


Blacksmith Norm Tucker

(Photo by Norm Tucker)


"RUSTY", the Appalachian Power Hammer in California

Norm Tucker’s 90 pound hammer……..

This power hammer is the result of all the other gentlemen who have posted their version of Jerry Allen’s Junk Yard Hammer “concept.” I say concept because, even though you can get plans from Jerry, the result can be far different in the end due to individual creativity. I went to Jerry’s website and studied all the variations of the “concept” that others posted on his Worldwide Gallery of Fame. I was impressed with every one of them and studied the similarities and differences in each. Without actually seeing them in action, I could only guess how they worked and what could be changed for my needs.

My hammer was made mostly of scrap iron from leftovers laying around my shop and a scrap yard in Sacramento CA. They gave me a heck of a deal on the base plate: 4 x 3 x 1” (515lbs), the anvil base: 6.5” dia. x 34” (325lbs), and the hammer: 2.5” sq. x 32” (80lbs). With dies and brackets this is a 90lb plus hammer. For the pulleys and bearings, I used all new parts. I tried to make this a true junk yard hammer, but it became impossible to find the right pulleys, or two bearings that matched. I also felt that this hammer needed at least a 2HP motor (1725rpm), and I gave up looking for a used one--so it’s also new. Other than that, this is a JYH in the spirit of things.

The total cost for me was just over $1000, wish it could have been less but I built this thing bullet proof. I went overboard with the bearings and pulleys but in order for me to get approximately 4 hits/second at the hammer, I needed to be specific with the pulleys for the proper reduction. I did this using a 3” pulley at the motor then went to a 9”. I jack shafted it over with another 3” pulley for the output shaft that when tensioned via the foot pedal, engaged another 9” pulley attached to a flywheel. The pushrod is a 1 ¼” sch. 80 water pipe with 1” threaded rod for micro adjustment. The spring is Ford 3”. I painted it hammered style silver. I’ve created a short video that I’ve posted on YouTube--so search for “Norm Tucker’s power hammer” for a demo.

Thanks to Jerry and all the rest for helping me create one heck of a machine.

Norm Tucker, blacksmith

Auburn, California.



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