Roger Hanna of Summersville, WV, USA


Blacksmith Roger Hanna

(Photo by Roger Hanna)


"RUSTY", the Appalachian Power Hammer in West Virginia

I built this hammer a few years ago out of "donated" parts except for grade-8 bolts and pillow blocks. I have access to the scrap pile at a heavy welding shop a short distance from my home. Some people get a "funny" look when I tell them this with pride. A blacksmith understands the importance of this! 

Jerry, I ordered your plans and spent one day at your shop working on (I believe) the second Rusty. My hammer has a 55# head and hits about 180 licks per minute. In the picture, I have moved the clamp on the front of the car springs back nearly to the pivot to get more "whip" action on the springs. The middle spring is rather heavy so it takes more length to get the best whip. If the clamp is removed, it hits too hard and mashes a heated piece! I put some counterweights on the pulley and the eccentric, and it runs really smooth. I can set an empty plastic oil can on the horizontal stay for the anvil, and It will not vibrate off. All the square tubes are filled with sand. The treadle is made from the spare tire holder from a Ford Bronco II.

 I have done blacksmithing for about twenty years, and I did the craft shows for about ten. I just got tired carrying all that heavy stuff in and out. I should have made crafts out of feathers! I'm retired and enjoy every minute. I just finished a 7 ft tall daffodil like Jeff Fetty makes. It looks as good as his.

 I made a treadle hammer about 15 years ago patterned after the one you made for Tom Pino. I used to stop at his shop and "listen" to Tom for an hour or so! I enjoyed the visits.

 I am amazed at all the designs of the JYHs that I see on Anvilfire. I like to look at them and wonder why some people make things so complicated. Engine blocks, differentials, and those shocks!! Some are real monsters and look dangerous.

Roger Hanna





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