asking $15,000 for all

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fish tanks

fish tanks

fish tank

fish tanks

fish tanks

125 gallon tanks stacked.  

  • There are six sets of these.  

  • One set can be used as a see-through room divider type, the rest are front viewing.  

  • All tanks and versa-tops are All-glass brand.  

  • All electrical filtration equipment is by Marineland.  

  • All undergravel filters are Penn-Plax’s undertow.  

  • Heating is a combination of Ebojager and Visitherm submersible heaters. 

  • There is a central air system running parts of the filtration.  We have two air compressors.  One in use is in need of new bearings. The other is newly rebuilt.

  • The tank backgrounds are painted on the outside.  

  • All have standard gravel except the plant tank contains Flourite and the upper see-through tank is set up for African cichlids with dolomite and gravel.  

  • The plant tank has four 40 watt bulbs.  All others have two 40 watt bulbs. The bulbs are ESU and Penn-plax.  The lighting system is hard-wired in.

  • The wood fronts back-screw off the custom made steel stand.  

  • The doors are on double tracks and are made of compressed plastic.  

  • The steel  stands weigh approximately 500 pounds each and bolt to the floor if necessary.

  • One unit has wood wrapped on the sides and front (others just have the finished front)

  • Three sides wrapped in wood 125's have undergravel filters run by Penguin 550 powerheads

  • The lower tank of the three-sided wrapped tanks has a shadow box in one corner with a lava lamp in it.  Very popular effect.

fish26.jpg (149855 bytes)
feeder4.jpg (302202 bytes) The feeder and hospital tanks 
  • Located at the upper end of the waterfall tank.  
  • These tanks are used 30’s without gravel and only sponge filters.  
  • The tank's glass fronts are etched from use with marine.  
  • There is a bi-fold door to hide them. 
ram30s18.jpg (158478 bytes) Two sets of Triple 30 gallon tanks 
  • Around the corner from the lava lamp.  
  • They are run by Penguin 550’s as well.  
  • There is no supplemental air in the center part of the department, but there could be air.   
  • >>>>>>>>>>>
  • The tanks on the right are different from the ones on the left
  • This set has a Bio-scenic filter in use in the center tank.

bio30s8.jpg (141204 bytes)

ram30s19.jpg (161591 bytes)
fish tanks Two stacked see-through 125 gallon tanks
  • Run by magnum 350’s 
  • Upper tank has dolomite and gravel mixed.
  • Lower tank has gravel and a huge piece of driftwood. 
  • >>>>>>>>>
  • The Roll-out Cage can fit under any of the 125 sets.  There is only one. Floor and walls are laminate.  Chew stops around front wire.  The top is wire and opens across the entire cage for cleaning.  On directional rollers.  We have housed rats, prairie dogs, kittens, degu, hedgehogs and chinchilla.  The cage is 10" and 12" tall inside.  Could become reptile housing with heating.

fish tanks

triangle7.jpg (135577 bytes)
The triangle cage  (Behind the lava lamp unit)  
  • This wire door caging has held chameleons and other arboreal lizards in the upper cage.  
  • The lower cage holds our store rabbits.  
  • Cats, hedgehogs, and tortoises have also been held in these.

triangle8.jpg (154675 bytes)

triangle9.jpg (33410 bytes) <<<<  The upper cage has two incandescent fixtures for heat sources and a fluorescent fixture.  There is tubing for a drip system.  
turtle unit

150 gallon Tank with Waterfall. 

  •  72” tank on a 12” high base.  36” wide cabinet.  Waterfall is 22” tall.  

  • Two of the three top sections of the tank have ½ inch plate glass coverings. 

  • This was designed to be the bagging station/work area of the fish department.  

  • It was originally to hold Koi but became a turtle habitat instead.  The setup is not correct for turtles long term.  No basking or UV lighting.

  • The waterfall is run by a submersible pump.  Flexible tubing runs to the top of the waterfall within the cabinet. 

  • The waterfall is made from stacked rocks and pond liner.  

  • An Ebojager(250watts) submersible heater keeps the water in the low 80’s. 

  • The turtle landing is rock on a Plexiglas shelf with glass bracket attached by silicone.  

  • The cabinet is open with no shelving and two doors.  

  • Driftwood, petrified wood, lava stone and standard gravel make up the dιcor. 

  • There is some damage to the wood grain veneer from a taped on price label.

turtle unit
turtle unit


1stbird19.jpg (183116 bytes)

Bird Unit #1.  72” wide x 26” deep x 85” high.  

  • Birch outer doors and birch plywood sides and back, all surfaces are finished.  Inside is white melamine.  
  • Cages are 22"wide x 23"deep x 21"high or 33" high using ½” x 3” hardware cloth (matched flight cage).  
  • Double fluorescent fixtures over each cage with ultraviolet tubes in most.  
  • Individual cages and trays pull out separately.  
  • Cages are on aluminum tracks.  
  • Manzanita perches.  
  • Three cages have small access doors that can be used for finches. 
  • Each cage also has a full sized door.  
  • The cages can be rearranged or reversed to use large or small door. 
  • The left outer wooden door is on lift-off pegs as well as hinged.
  • These cages have held all types of parrots, finches, sugar gliders, chinchillas, degu, prairie dogs and other small animals.  
  • One plug for all the lighting.

asking $2,000

1stbird21.jpg (198550 bytes)
bird unit
bird unit

Bird Unit #2.  79” wide x 26” deep x 85” high.  

  • Birch outer doors and birch plywood sides and back; all surfaces are finished.  
  • Inside is white melamine.  
  • Four cages are 22” cubed and two cages are 22” x 22” x 28”.  The lower 28” cage has had some damage to the melamine backing, this panel could be razored out and replaced or covered.  
  • Double fluorescent fixtures with ultra violet tubes in most.  
  • Individual cages and trays pull out separately.  
  • The lower opening were designed to hold rabbit/ferret cages made by SuperPet but many others would fit.  One cage is included with the unit.
  • This unit was made  after the other units.  It is only two years old.  
  • One plug for all the lighting.

asking $3,000

bird unit
bird unit
bird unit
big petter

Large Petter.  Height 75”,  width 87”, depth 37”.  

  • Glass is safety tempered.  
  • Full storage underneath with two sliding doors.  
  • Animal contact surfaces are laminate faux birch countertop.  
  • Outside and cabinet wrap is a combination of birch and maple wood.  
  • This was originally designed as a parrot playpen.  
  • Kick panels are dark green.  
  • All seams are siliconed.  
  • Divider glass could be copied for other side or removed.

asking $1,200

big petter
medium petter

Medium and Small Petters.  39”x51” and 39”x27”;
41” tall, inside height is 16”.  

  • Glass is safety tempered.  
  • Animal flooring is faux birch laminate.  
  • The underside is hollow-no storage.  
  • Top rail and corner pieces are maple.  Body is birch.  
  • There is a child’s step which can be moved to any corner of the petter.  
  • Four leveling feet on each petter.  
  • There is a cover for the larger petter (usually bunnies) and the small petter has a Plexiglas corner critter stop over the water bottle.  [Rats can escape from either of these.]
  • The small petter has some wear in the corners from hamster urine removal. 

asking $750 (m); $400 (s)

sm petter23.jpg (158182 bytes)
checkout counter

Checkout counter.  48"wide x 22" deep x 36" high

  • Adjustable shelves on the left
  • Single file drawer in the middle
  • Top is green Formica with Plexiglas cover

asking $500

slat wall

Slat wall panels

  • Real birch wood laminate. 
  • Dark (Hunter) green plastic inserts.
  • Assorted hanging pegs available. Two, six and ten inch pegs.  Also book holders.

asking $500

reptile unit

SOLD    Herptile unit.  102” wide x 29” deep and 85” tall.  

  • The unit has solid birch doors and outer wrap.  The inside is white melamine.  
  • There are double fluorescent fixtures with ultraviolet bulbs.  
  • There are twelve outlets in the unit to run filter, pumps and heat units.  
  • Each of the tanks already has a heat pad, some are on the sides not on the bottom.  
  • The entire unit has two plugs, one for the lights and one for the outlets. 
  • There are four 38 gallon tanks and two 55 gallon tanks.  All have secure screen tops.  
  • The right side is a glassed in cabinet with three adjustable shelves.   Door has magnetic catch.  
  • There is not enough room for heat spotlight over the tanks.  However, we can keep Uromastyx warm enough in this unit. 

asking $2,500

herp unit
herp unit
flight cage

Flight cage:  15 running feet of wire paneling  

  • Panels (81" high) are solid birch with powder coated wire (1/2” x 3”) inserts.  
  • All hardware is aluminum.  
  • Panels easily slip into and out of a grooved frame up and screw into place.  
  • Panels may be configured differently.  
  • Six and four foot long manzanita perches are included.

asking $500

finishedback15.jpg (88857 bytes)

Finished birch backing is on all caging units

Awaiting photo

SOLD      Small Animal Unit.  90” wide x 26” deep and 85” high.  

  • The doors are solid birch and the outer wrap is birch plywood.  

  • The inside upper cage is faux birch laminate. 3 lockable safety tempered sliding glass doors.

  • There is an extra safety tempered sliding glass door.

  • This upper unit has held ferrets, prairie dogs, degu and rats.  

  • The lower tanks are 20 gallons with metal screens.  Two of these tanks are broken on the bottom, but they are taped and stable.  

  • This unit could make a very nice reptile unit.  With a large snake vivarium or large desert scene up top.

asking $2,000



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