Mint Torte Recipe

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  • Chocolate Mint Torte

    The base is made from half of a regular chocolate cake mix in a torte pan.

    The filling:

  • 1/2 C milk

  • 20 marshmallows -- melt until the marshmallows are smooth, but still fluffy -- easiest in the microwave. Watch taking the mixture past fluffy. They turn gluey -- start over if this happens.  Cook in two minute intervals, stirring between.  A total of six minutes should do it.

  • Add:
    1/2 C whipped cream (Cool Whip is fine, too)

  • 3T  Creme de Menthe, or-- Try different flavors-orange, lemon, lime, favorite liquors, whatever!

  • Covering: 
    Whipped cream as the frosting

  • Garnish:
    Shaved chocolate, chocolate chips, or grated peel


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